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eBay Inc corporate Oops and LOL moments. Most have screen-capture or narrated screen video backing up Doc’s allegations.

Docs eBay Motors Sucks Website 15 Year Anniversary Coming Soon 15 year anniversary

Wow it’s hard to believe will be 15 years old early next year. Since 2004 this website blog and forum has advised consumers how to avoid used car internet phishing scams. It’s not been easy fending off eBay hackers…
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Criminal Stalking Complaint Refused By California Attorney General

AG Criminal Stalking Business Complaint eBay

I’ve filed numerous criminal stalking complaints with California Attorney General regarding the Smear Campaign against me. The AG replied, we do not represent private citizens, hire an attorney. Obviously they do not follow the letter of law. My allegations are…
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Hurricane Florence Survivor Flag “Kevin” Brings $10K On eBay

Old Glory Kevin On The Frying Pan Tower

Hurricane Florence Survivor USA Old Glory American Flag AKA “Kevin” that flew over the Frying Pan Tower auction brings $10,900 on eBay. A bit tattered and torn but like all who claim America to be home and are proud to…
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eBay Managed Payments Opt-In Disables Accepting PayPal For Sellers

eBay Managed Payments Mucks Up PayPal

Here we go again.. Seems eBay decided they would handle the marketplace managed payments in house. Sellers opted in then discovered accepting PayPal was no longer possible. This reminds me of that Adyen payments debacle last month which prevented sellers…
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CEO Devin Wenig Name Forged In YouTube Complaint

eBay CEO Devin Wenig Name Forged YouTube

Someone forged eBay CEO Devin Wenig’s name to this fraudulent trademark infringement complaint on Doc’s YouTube channel! 😡 It’s quite obvious that whoever filed this complaint is a very low IQ person. They also committed a felony forging eBay CEO…
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Facebook Stock In The Crapper – Who’s Next?

Facebook under investigation is eBay next

The Media is doing a number on Facebook after it revealed Cambridge Analytica accessed Facebook members and their friends confidential user data. Mark Zuckerberg is as good as screwed as Federal Investigations into potential Privacy violations are opened. Big Tech…
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Corporate Black Ops Smear Campaign Targeting Former eBay Seller

Doc Pictured on Chuck Fitch Scammser Bulgarian Website

Doc alleges this eBay insider Joseph DeMarco is operating an offshore cyberstalking website attacking former sellers. We further allege he is cheered on by other insiders, including eBay Radio host Uncle Griff. The website in question is hosted by Blue…
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Will Restoring Community Values & Trust Make eBay Great Again

eBay Community Founders Statement 1996

Back in 1999 Doc started building his reputation as an eBay seller. He offered quality Florida retiree used car trade-ins. eBay provided a new exciting way to sell quality rust free cars worldwide and was a huge hit. He shipped…
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Deeply Buried Fraud Awareness Search Keywords

EBMS Blog Search Position

Valuable Motor Vehicle Specific Consumer Fraud Awareness information and good advice deeply buried in Google search index. It’s who you know in corporate America that matters! This article and included narrated screen video is a good example what happened when…
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