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Attacks On eBay Critics

eBay corporate is guilty of attacking critics naysayers and outspoken former members who out their bad business practices. eBay went from trolling their own internal forums to outsourcing attacks on critics.

Corporate Black Ops Smear Campaign Targeting Former eBay Seller

Doc Pictured on Chuck Fitch Scammser Bulgarian Website

Doc alleges this eBay insider Joseph DeMarco is operating an offshore cyberstalking website attacking former sellers. We further allege he is cheered on by other insiders, including eBay Radio host Uncle Griff. The website in question is hosted by Blue…
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Doc’s Quality Cars Reputation Smeared By eBay TRS

Car Dealers eBay Feedback Reputation Smeared By Fanboys

Doc’s Quality Cars eBay sellers reputation was smeared by company black budget reputation management trolls getting even for Doc’s website that helped car buyers avoid fraud and seller misrepresentation. Doc began his eBay selling career in 1999 and built a…
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CyberStalking Targets Fraud Awareness Website

weebly inc dan veltri corporate cyberstalking websites

In this article we lay out our evidence of cyberstalking between two United States corporations that are doing alleged revenge cyberstalking against this consumer awareness website’s publisher and administrator, Ed Koon. The first corporation is eBay Inc who this website…
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eBay INC Top Rated Seller CyberStalking eBay Critics

eBay Top Rated Seller CyberStalking eBay Critics

Is it permissible by eBay Policy for a Top Rated Plus Seller “HubcapJoes” to perform stalking & bullying of critics for his handlers at eBay Inc? HubcapJoes has passed a critics voting records around with his eBay insider connections. If…
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eBay Hubcap Joe Smear Campaign On Outspoken Critics

Attacks On Critics Exposing eBay Corporate Wrongdoings

How eBay Inc is alleged to use willing and able top rated sellers to attack outspoken former sellers critics and naysayers. This top rated eBay seller Hubcap Joe is running a smear campaign using racketeering and mafia style in your…
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Is The eBay Black Budget Alive And Well?

Is The Alleged “eBay Black Budget” Alive And Well?

The eBay Black Budget was allegedly described as a large allotment of money that eBay was free to do what they wanted with, without it being reported on accounting sheets (and in turn shareholders.) In other words, a slush fund…
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