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Doc’s observations since 1999 related to eBay buying and selling. Blog posts are backed up by empirical screen-capture and video evidence. Check out our car scam archive from 2004 to 2007. Fraud could have been eliminated had corporate execs paid attention and warned their community!

Docs eBay Motors Sucks Website 15 Year Anniversary Coming Soon 15 year anniversary

Wow it’s hard to believe will be 15 years old early next year. Since 2004 this website blog and forum has advised consumers how to avoid used car internet phishing scams. It’s not been easy fending off eBay hackers…
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Criminal Stalking Complaint Refused By California Attorney General

AG Criminal Stalking Business Complaint eBay

I’ve filed numerous criminal stalking complaints with California Attorney General regarding the Smear Campaign against me. The AG replied, we do not represent private citizens, hire an attorney. Obviously they do not follow the letter of law. My allegations are…
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Hurricane Florence Survivor Flag “Kevin” Brings $10K On eBay

Old Glory Kevin On The Frying Pan Tower

Hurricane Florence Survivor USA Old Glory American Flag AKA “Kevin” that flew over the Frying Pan Tower auction brings $10,900 on eBay. A bit tattered and torn but like all who claim America to be home and are proud to…
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eBay Managed Payments Opt-In Disables Accepting PayPal For Sellers

eBay Managed Payments Mucks Up PayPal

Here we go again.. Seems eBay decided they would handle the marketplace managed payments in house. Sellers opted in then discovered accepting PayPal was no longer possible. This reminds me of that Adyen payments debacle last month which prevented sellers…
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YouTube Playground For eBay Devin Wenig Corporate Trolls

CrazeeNyDriver Featured YouTube Troll Wars Channel

eBay Inc alleged corporate trolls continue using YouTube as their playground. Recently Doc observed top rated seller Hubcap Joe adding trolling material to his eBay promo videos and pinned comments. Not advertiser friendly content! 😆 This hate comment was pinned…
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CEO Devin Wenig Name Forged In YouTube Complaint

eBay CEO Devin Wenig Name Forged YouTube

Someone forged eBay CEO Devin Wenig’s name to this fraudulent trademark infringement complaint on Doc’s YouTube channel! 😡 It’s quite obvious that whoever filed this complaint is a very low IQ person. They also committed a felony forging eBay CEO…
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