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Whatever happened to the good old days when a persons word and a handshake was their bond? eBay Inc was founded using those principals but has since become a troubled company. Explore my many years of eBay observations.

Doc was the 1st Tampa Bay area used car dealer to offer motor vehicles on eBay back in 1999. The then growing corporation opened up a new market in the U.S. Motor vehicles alone opened doors to markets where there was none. Car buyers in the northeast area could by a rust free Florida car in the middle of a blizzard and have it shipped home. Meg Whitman once said “wow they buy used cars too.” Those were the good old days!

But in the early 2000’s fraud started hurting eBay’s reputation. With used cars European scammers (mostly out of Romania) were stealing photos and descriptions from other listings. They listed collector and specialty cars at unrealistically low prices. Trusting buyers were being literally slaughtered by fraudsters who picked their pockets clean.

Corporate insiders were stuffing their pockets full of cash and mostly denied fraud. The venue built on trust was infested with scams that were killing the founders trust and community values. Regardless ole Pierre and Meg kept bankrolling the profits.

Doc put up in 2004 to warn internet vehicle shoppers of possible fraud. That has always been it’s priority. But over the years cyber attacks in an attempt to shut this website down further motivated him to keep it online.

When hacking and DDOS attacks were no longer effective a reputation management smear campaign was initiated. eBay insider corporate trolls spread rumor I sold stolen cars and rolled back odometers on cars sold on eBay Motors. That was the straw that broke the camels back so to speak. I’m more motivated than ever to publish eBay dirty laundry.

Over the years eBay Inc has tried reinventing itself with mixed results. Failed adventures like eBay Valet and other ideas fizzled out. These days it’s my opinion the venue is literally screwing it’s sellers and profiting from buyer return fraud.

It all boils down to making a profit and keeping shareholders happy. If your a seller who is hit with a SNAD claim there is a good chance it will be decided in the buyers favor. When the venue mediates claims and decides in the buyers favor they keep the sellers final value fee. Starting in Sept eBay is collecting another 4% penalty on mediated claims found in the buyers favor. It’s all about the oh-mighty dollar that they are failing miserably at!

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With this newly registered domain Doc’s HUGE EBMS Archive is giving it another go. The results should be interesting since Google hates Doc 😆